Pathway Programmes


Ulysses College offers two types of Pathway Programmes: Preparatory University Programme for International Students and Ulysses College of English Pathway Programmes.


Preparatory University Programme for International Students.

The overall aim of the programme is to provide international learners with the opportunity to build their language, knowledge, skill and competence for participation in higher education. This intensive programme prepares learners specifically for progression to third level education. The learner may then apply to third level education providers either in their home countries or in Ireland.


Learners may choose from science, engineering or business disciplines. The programme offers learners an opportunity to gain valuable skills in the areas of academic research, IT, communications, personal and professional development along with specialisms in maths, physics, biology, marketing practice, manual and computerised accounts or safety & health at work and materials science.


One of the many strengths of this programme is the inclusion of project support both at group and individual level. This intensive resource allows learners to gain the skills and confidence required to produce high standards of academic project work, including written and oral assignments whilst also preparing them for written examinations.


An all-inclusive package of full tuition together with travel & accommodation is available to all learners.


The programme is designed to:

Provide intensive and supported English language

Provide students with a broad range of skills required to succeed at third level

Provide guidance counselling

Provide group and individual project support

Provide the student with the knowledge and skills to use a wide range of common computer applications

Facilitate the learner to further develop his/her interpersonal, team working, problem solving and time management skills

Support successful progression to third level education



Progression to higher education

Students who successfully complete the course may gain entry to Institutes of Technology and Universities.


Further Information

Ulysses College of English Pathway Programmes

Jointly run in partnership with Irish third-level institutions/universities and our partner universities in China and Saudi Arabia.


Ulysses College of English provides the English language tuition component of this 12 week programme. Academic modules which can include business, computing, science and learning to learn/critical thinking are delivered by our partner institutions/universities.


We aim to develop students‘

English language ability

Knowledge of a range of business, science & computing modules

Critical thinking skills

Cultural awareness of Ireland/European Union

Preparedness for future international study

Classes are taken with Irish and other EU students, which fosters integration / networking


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