Ulysses College – elearning – DynEd 

DynEd International, Inc., our technology partner, was founded in 1987 in San Francisco, USA. Its many award-winning courses have made DynEd the leader in computer assisted language learning and have been successfully used by tens of millions of students all over the world.

Understanding Ulysses College elearning


Our mission is to help students develop the English language skills they need to succeed.  We offer the only language learning solution that follows a brain-based theory of language acquisition to teach English.  Our solution is a blended language learning system combining the best features of traditional learning and contemporary multimedia technology.  Students benefit from teacher-led studies followed by computer-based self-study work – either online or offline – all designed to optimise the learning process.  Our artificial intelligence monitoring software places the students at an appropriate level and adjusts the difficulty level of each learning step for each student.  The software also tracks the behavioral learning patterns of students, evaluates student progress with automatic written feedback, and provided a numerical efficiency value (study score) for individual and class performance.


Our English language learning system is the most efficient way of learning the English language.  It increases learning efficiency and thus cuts the time to increase language proficiency by at least 3 times compared to traditional methods, and by at least 2 times compared to other computer assisted language learning programmes.


We enable people to develop English fluency faster than anyone else in the market, up to 60% faster.  We deliver English language proficiency certification that is aligned to a globally recognised English proficiency framework.  We focus on real, proven and predictable results.


How is our English learning system so effective?

  • A focus on listening and speaking.

  • A scientific approach to language learning that works.

  • The most effective blended learning approach.

  • We use Big Data to monitor and optimise learning for each student.

  • A conceptual syllabus that teaches English the natural way via increasingly complex chunks as student skill develops.

  • A goal-based approach to learning which produces predictable and consistent outcomes!