Course description

This Enrichment Programme has been specially designed to sharpen students’ English language skills, and to introduce students to cutting-edge developments in the fields of ICT, Science,  Engineering and Business. Ireland is uniquely positioned between the UK, Europe, and America, and has benefitted from partnerships with governments and business, as well as from significant direct foreign investments, to cultivate an innovative technological economy.

The objectives of this course are:

To immerse students in the culture of Ireland via lectures and trips to sites of historic and cultural significance, including the capital city, Dublin, as well as areas of outstanding natural beauty, such as Connemara and the Cliffs of Moher.

Learning outcomes

During the course you will

  • enjoy learning and practicing the under the supervision of native speakers

  • critically evaluate the unique economic, management, and business environment of Ireland

  • become familiar with the latest developments in international business and economics

  • develop an understanding of the culture


Modules will include:

  1. European Business – covers business in Ireland, EU and the rest of the world, together with emerging economies. 

  2. The European Union – provides an overview of the history of the EU and its institutions. 

  3.  Global Business – covers the different elements of the global environment and helps participants to understand  the impact of technology on a firm’s global strategy. It also covers marketing and international trade. 


***  Tours of World renowned Research Centres in National University of Ireland Galway and Trinity College Galway


***  Visits to Multinational Companies in Galway


Class attendance and participation in organised field trips are essential to ensuring that students get the most out of the Enrichment Programme.

Examinations in English language will take place at the end of the programme, with further study options.

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International Summer School Programmes

International education is an ever-growing feature of modern society.  Mobility involving education and cultural exchanges among countries worldwide has become an integral part of personal and professional development.


Ulysses College has developed bespoke international summer school programmes for clients in China, Saudi Arabia and USA. Our programmes include English language, academic studies and cultural and leisure activities.


We offer small class sizes and experienced teachers and lecturers in a secure learning environment.  Our emphasis is on cultural immersion to ensure a complete educational experience.  By combining tuition with cultural activities we aim to increase students’ confidence and fluency in the English language.


Our international summer school programmes include:


Academic programmes for students:

  • English language with chemical engineering – linking academic studies with industry.

  • English language with science, environment & sustainability – linking academic studies with policy and industry.

  • English language with the culture and business of Ireland – linking academic studies with policy and business in Ireland and Europe.

  • English language for medical studies.

Students who partake in the above programmes will have the opportunity to visit research centres in Irish universities, ranked in the top 100 in the world.


Cultural and leisure programmes for students:

  • English language with golf

  • English language with horse riding

  • English language with sailing

  • English language with cultural activities and tours - Ireland

  • English language with cultural tours – Ireland and other European cities


Cultural and leisure programmes for parents of students

We provide bespoke cultural tours and activities for parents who wish to travel with their children.


For more Information email:

including ICT, Science, Engineering, Business and European Union

Students aged between 15 and 22 – Commencing 9th July – 16th September 2018

National University of Ireland, Galway

Programme is 2 week; 4 week; 6 week; or 8 week in duration – YOU CHOSE

English Language Summer School Enrichment Programme