About Us


Academic Ireland trading as Ulysses College was established in 2014.  Through partnerships, we offer an innovative approach to building global relationships in education


We provide universities and institutions in Ireland with solutions to help them better engage in the international education sector. We help them realise their short and long-term goals efficiently by increasing their international recruitment volume, attracting stronger applicants and by building lasting academic relationships with the most competitive universities globally. Our markets are worldwide and include China, Saudi Arabia, USA, Mexico, South America and Europe.


We offer internationally mobile students best-practice professional education pathways to help them realise their full potential.


Ulysses College of English

Our English Language College provides a wide range of specialised English language courses at all levels, which are delivered as part of all of the programmes we offer. Our team of teachers is highly qualified, with many having experience of studying and working abroad.


Pathway Programmes

We have developed Pathway Programmes which provide learners with the opportunity to enhance their English language ability, together with their knowledge, skill and competence in readiness for entry into universities in Ireland, UK and USA.


International Summer School Programmes

We have developed bespoke International Summer School Programmes in Ireland for clients in Saudi Arabia, China and USA.  Our programmes combine academic studies and English language tuition, together with cultural and leisure activities.


High School Home-Stay Programmes

We offer Home-Stay Programmes in Ireland’s leading High Schools, which combine English language tuition with normal school classes and transition programmes.  These programmes allow students to experience, in a safe environment, day-to-day life in Ireland.


International Kindergarten Programmes

Our programmes, through English, provide enjoyable and appropriately challenging learning experiences that allow all children to grow and develop as competent and confident learners. English language is delivered in a fun and interactive way, and incorporates use of a mobile App – DynEd Kids.


Ulysses College of English – eLearning – DynEd

We are proud to partner with DynEd, a mobile multimedia English learning solution, the most successful English language learning programme on the market.


Cultural Tours & Executive Travel

Our education and cultural business is enhanced with bespoke tours through our sister company Spirit of Ireland Executive Travel, which provides tours, an interpreter service and a personal concierge service.


New for summer 2021

English Language Summer School Enrichment